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Q: Is there additional parking?
A: Come back out the driveway from the Suzanne Patterson parking lot, take a left following 206 north. At the first traffic light, follow the road slightly to the right, which is Rte. 27 North. Take the IMMEDIATE first right onto Mercer Street and continue for a couple hundred yards, passing Alexander Road on the left. Take the first parking lot entrance on the right just after Alexander Road. This lot is a municipal lot, although it appears to be part of the Trinity Church, there is no fee to park after 7:00 pm at night.

Q: Does the admission price include a free lesson?
A: Usually, yes. There are times more than one lesson is provided.  The Event listing will indicate the schedule.

Q: What do people wear?
A: Dress casual or dress-to-impress.  Jeans are not recommended for Ballroom.  Always be neat and clean.

Q: Do I need special shoes?
A: No.  Smooth leather soles are highly recommended and your shoes should be comfortable and flexible. Just for your knowledge, there are shoes made especially for dancing.

Q: What ages attend?
A: We welcome and encourage all ages (except children).  We find our dances attract a wide age range.

Q: Is it more couples or singles?
A: We do not cater to any one particular status. It can vary. At our dances, most people tend to dance with many different partners.

Q: If I go alone, will I find people to dance with?
A: Your chances are very good.  Plenty of people come alone and find dance partners.

Q: What is the level of the dancing ability?
A: It varies from raw beginner to intermediate, with a few advanced dancers in each style.

Q: Should I go if I don’t know how to dance at all?
A: Most definitely YES! This is a great place to get started especially if you attend our beginner classes, which is also a good way to meet friendly people who also want to learn.

If you don’t find the answers here or need more info, please feel free to call us at: 609-945-1883.  Leave a clear message and someone will get back to you shortly.  Please look at our Video Gallery to see some of our lessons.

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