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President’s Welcome

Welcome to Central Jersey Dance Society’s (CJDS) webpage.  Here you are sure to find dance socials and dance related events sponsored by our organization that are specific to your interest.

Organizing dance socials for over 10 years, CJDS can contribute our longevity and success to the value and quality of our dances.  Most events start with a dance lesson taught by an acclaimed instructor, we provide music by a DJ or live music (sometimes both) for the remainder of the evening (refer to our Monthly Line Up for details), we choose venues with great flooring and space to dance, and we provide light refreshments and snacks.  Besides the previous, what is particularly comfortable about our social dances is that they are just that: a social gathering of like-minded people who come to dance, listen to great music, and make friends. Whether new to the dance scene or a seasoned dancer, you can feel confident to come by yourself or come with friends; in either case, you will be dancing.

Remember, when you think there is no place to go dancing, check out Central Jersey Dance Society’s (CJDS) monthly calendar of events along with our free Friday night “Dancing Under The Stars” Summer program.

Irina Signatovich
Central Jersey Dance Society

Central Jersey Dance Society Board:

President – Irina Signatovich
Treasurer – Winsor Li
Secretary – Janie Zitomer
IT/Webmaster – Pan Yu / Carlos Godinez
Videos –  Pan Yu
Social Media – Lou Becera/Clara Ferrigno
Media Relations – Jan Applebaum
Along with these steering committee positions:
  • Salsa Sensation Dance Director
  • NoName/California Mix Dance Director
  • Pure Ballroom Director
  • Special Event Director
  • Education Director
  • Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
 Volunteers are welcomed!

Our Mission

Central Jersey Dance Society (CJDS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social dance and its many human, physical, and cultural rewards.  CJDS is solely managed by a volunteer board of trustees who dedicate their efforts as a gift to the community. 
Our goal is to provide the public with an ongoing program of free outdoor dances in Princeton, free dance lessons, regularly scheduled dance socials, and special events and holiday dance parties. CJDS promotes a diversified social dance experience (Latin, Ballroom, Swing, etc.) in order to broaden the communal knowledge and benefits of dance.  In addition, CJDS maintains a conscientious responsibility towards the needs of the community by supporting and contributing to outstanding humanitarian causes. 

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